The Company

A purely Greek company where design and production of its products takes place entirely in Greece.

Power Electronics Control was founded in 1990 in Thessaloniki by a group of highly trained scientists and engineers with the aim of studying, designing, manufacturing, and producing automation, and remote control and telemetry systems.
Initially, it was involved in the automation of pumping stations, contributing in its own way to the management of water supply and irrigation in municipalities, communities, and the agricultural industry throughout the country. With pioneering solutions, ease of use, efficiency and an organized post-sales support, it quickly gained the trust of its partners, resulting in successful expansion into other sectors.

It is a purely Greek company where the design and production of its products takes place entirely in Greece by a specialized and scientifically trained human workforce with extensive experience. It is familiar with the particular requirements of the Greek market, studies, designs, and proposes custom solutions at highly competitive prices.

It is housed in its state-of-the-art facilities at Capital Trade Center in eastern Thessaloniki, an industrial complex in the technological sector of the city.

Our Values

Innovation, quality, reliability, consistency and excellent support and service are all factors that brought Power Electronics Control to the top, and remain to this day the main pillars of the company.


Ensuring the high quality and safety of products is a main concern of the company, from the design, the supply of raw materials to their final assembly. Power Electronics Control is certified according to international standards for all phases of design, manufacturing, distribution and technical support in accordance with the ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015 international standards, environmental management with ELOT EN ISO 14001:2015 and hygiene standards with OHSAS 18001:2207 / ELOT 1801:2009. All products have CE certification according to the corresponding European standards.

Customized Solutions

Development and manufacturing of systems and solutions on demand of the customer, in the field of wireless and mainly GSM automation.


Recognizing the debt it has to reduce its energy footprint on the planet and minimizing the environmental impact of its activities, Power Electronics Control follows an environmentally conscious strategy. Its priority is a clean and healthy environment for the next generations and it has been participating in organized recycling programs since 2005 for batteries (AFIS), machinery (ANAKYKLOSI SYSKEVON S.A.) and old industrial accumulators (SY.DE.SYS).

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Years of experience
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Power Electronics Control relies on the strong expertise of its people and the innovation of its products.

The study and detailed planning of each project ensure the reduction of operating costs, future energy upgrades, improvement in productivity and the creation of a safe working environment.


Production of electronic automation for electrical panels, for the efficient operation of electromechanical equipment.

Remote control and telemetry systems

Design and manufacture of portable and fixed remote control and telemetry systems for irrigation, motors, heating and alarm systems.


Development and manufacturing of systems and solutions on demand of the customer, in the field of wireless and mainly GSM automation.

Our Partners

The investment in the company’s people and their continuous training have created a fully specialized and stable group of engineers and technicians who are able to manufacture the right products and offer successful solutions even to the most complex requests.

Thanks to efficiency and continuous support even years after the first installation, Power Electronics Control has built a wide network of customers – partners based on mutual trust and optimal service. The company is in constant contact with them, listens to their business needs, designs and develops products taking into account ongoing technological developments. The result is successful partnerships that last over time.

Technical Support

The company's engineers are available, (7) seven days a week, to resolve any issue that arises.

Power Electronics Control provides an organized after-sales support department that ensures the smooth operation of the installation. All products are covered by a two (2) year guarantee of good operation, without additional charge and provision of spare parts for 10 Years!
The products are always accompanied by detailed instructions for installation and use in Greek, and support is provided without… an expiration date.
The company’s engineers are available, (7) seven days a week, to solve any issue that arises, while the after sales service is immediate, in case it is needed, to continue the smooth operation of the installation.